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Tough Discussions

Get comfortable having “crucial conversations” about expectations and performance that might make the difference between success and failure, while maintaining a respectful and connected working relationship. Focuses on slowing reactions, listening objectively, bridging expectation and communication gaps, avoiding assumptions and bias, and developing plans for moving forward.

Dr. Perry and his team will help you:

Increase awareness of strengths and weaknesses that impact your ability to influence others. Understand how the experience of others can be impacted by your leadership approach. Overcome obstacles that currently hamper your ability to reach the next level.

Executive Leadership Coaching

With your success, changes come faster, the problems are complex, and the pressure to produce results is greater than ever. How do you lead like an expert no matter the circumstances?

Executive Leadership Coaching will help you maintain forward movement as you build your leadership expertise.

Practical Guide to Loyalty

Employee turnover is among the greatest challenges facing employers today. With all other things being equal, why might an employee choose to remain with your organization rather than exploring other opportunities? We discuss how to cultivate the close relationships that cultivate a loyal and motivated team.

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

Leaders are expected to be knowlegeable, but knowledge alone is simply the “tip of the iceberg.” Learn how self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill differentiate good managers from great leaders.

Leadership under pressure

Learn proven techniques for understanding and maintaining focus, confidence, commitment, and adaptability. Includes an overview of how pressure can enhance and degrade performance; a description of how we pay attention and take in information; keys to developing an effective learning environment; ways to promote and leverage commitment; and guidelines on how top performers adapt when it matters most. 

Establishing & Building Trust

Because trust is so central to the functioning and effectiveness of a strong team, it warrants special and focused attention. This session provides a description of organizations with high levels of trust as they compare to organizations lacking in trust. There is also a guide to establishing and maintaining a culture of trust.

Self Awareness

The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) Inventory is a tool used across the globe for the selection and training of high-level performers in sport, business, and the military. TAIS measures the specific concentration and interpersonal skills necessary for effective decision-making and for the coordination of mental and physical processes in high-pressure situations. TAIS results allow clients to identify the specific environmental conditions likely to facilitate and/or interfere with their ability to make effective decisions and perform at the upper limits of their physical and mental potential. TAIS results also allow clients to identify the specific behaviors they need to change to improve performance. We provide online administration and expert analysis and interpretation of TAIS results for each client.


Team Coaching

You’ve assembled a team of top performers who will determine the future of your business, but progress seems to stall. How can you turn a team of individual top performers into an all-star dream team?

Team Coaching for Leaders will help you leverage the collective strengths of your top leaders to accelerate results and transform your organization.

Dr. Perry and the Human Performance Experts at Catalyst will help you:

  • Leverage the team interactions that set your team up for success and eliminate those that ground you to a halt.
  • Identify the obstacles that slow team progress
  • Obtain real-time, in-progress feedback on how your team functions
  • Take practical steps to creating a culture that will change everything for you team and your organization

Tough Conversations

If you have ever avoided or struggled to give feedback to someone who absolutely needed it, this training is for you. Enhance your team’s ability to have “crucial conversations” about expectations and performance that might make the difference between success and failure, while maintaining a safe, trusting, and respectful working environment. Learn how to slow reactions, listen objectively, avoid bias, and communicate respect and mutual purpose.

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