What We Offer​

We offer individual development; group training; assessment of organizational performance; one-on-one executive coaching; evaluation of change initiatives.
Customized to meet the needs and accomplish the goals of each client. 

Our approach is client-centered,
in-depth, challenging, insightful, and transformational. 



    Executive Coaching Self Awareness Mental Toughness Performance Under Pressure Conflict Management Leadership Mentoring Individual Development Planning Work Life Balance
    Cultural Assessment Team Building Communication Values Clarification Conflict Resolution Resiliency Veteran to Corporate Transition/Integration ​
    Personal Coaching Resilience Building Vicarious Trauma Stress Management Coping and Thriving Therapeutic Services Couples

Keynote Speakers

Michael E. Perry, Ph.D.
Mike & Wendy
Wendy M. Perry, MS
Dr. Perry values the unique perspective his experiences provide, equipping him with a distinctive ability to connect to a diverse blend of people and to work with poise in any setting or situation. Michael is sought after for his candor, compassion, and ability to help his clients envision previously unseen possibilities.  

Michael has been a force for organizational transformation through cultivating meaningful relationships, building trust, and empowering people.

Frequently called a "Dynamic Duo", Mike and Wendy combine forces and over 40 years of leadership experience to engage groups of any size and lead them through fun and insightful exercises that facilitate
connection and growth.  
From Married Couples to large Corporations,
your group facilitation starts here!

In her keynote presentations, Wendy  introduces key strategies that will inspire and motivate you to achieve your personal and professional goals and empower you to connect, move, and grow to gear up for success! 

Wendy skillfully leads you on a journey of self-reflection and self-discovery to uncover ways to tap into and realize your full potential!  Prepare to transform and Get Ready to Grow!

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Featured Keynote

Event Gallery

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    Leader Development
  2. You Are What You Teach: Self-Care before HealthCare
    You Are What You Teach: Self-Care before HealthCare
  3. Workplace Communication
    Workplace Communication
  4. Diversity Workshop
    Diversity Workshop
  5. How To Be A Female Powerhouse
    How To Be A Female Powerhouse
  6. Executive Coaching
    Executive Coaching
  7. Follow the Leader
    Follow the Leader
  8. Women's Equality Day Keynote
    Women's Equality Day Keynote
  9. Team Catalyst
    Team Catalyst
  10. Keynote  EO Program
    Keynote EO Program
  11. Mike and Wendy
    Mike and Wendy
  12. What We Offer at Catalyst
    What We Offer at Catalyst
  13. Kappa Epsilon Psi Inc. Augusta Chapter Gala
    Kappa Epsilon Psi Inc. Augusta Chapter Gala
  14. President, Augusta Chapter of Kappa Epsilon Psi
    President, Augusta Chapter of Kappa Epsilon Psi
  15. Kappa Epsilon Psi Gala
    Kappa Epsilon Psi Gala
  16. SHERPA Executive Coaching
    SHERPA Executive Coaching