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Wendy Perry often says she was “born to lead.” She has always seen the world from the lens of how things can be different. Wendy realized the power of her voice at a very young age. The basis of her power? Justice. Since then, formally and informally, Wendy has emerged as a leader and champion for justice, fairness, and freedom for each of us to be the absolute best version of ourselves. She learned that leaders set the tone, establish direction, and shape the culture that allows people to discover and express their gifts. No fear…no shame…just power and purpose.

Standing just under five feet in height, Wendy might have never won the tallest-in-class award, but she has always known that her power was not found in her stature, but in her stance. Here life has been marked with tremendous victory and devastating loss and pain. Despite every obstacle, she has persisted and emerged victorious.

Wendy’s Story

Despite battles with depression and doubt, she has persisted. Despite the loss of both parents before the age of 35 and an unfillable void, she has persisted. Despite those who attempted to derail her stellar military career, she persisted, becoming the first person in her family to retire from the U.S. Armed Forces. Despite, the challenges and uncertainty of entrepreneurship, she has persisted, teaming up with her husband and a core of partners, family, friends, and supporters to change the very nature of leadership as we know it.

Wendy’s experiences have forged a rare blend of courage, empathy, and insight that allow her to “see” deeply and rapidly. Her ability to meet other people squarely where they are is especially valuable in her service to the community for which she is most passionate—Women in leadership. Wendy published two very personal and powerful books, in part, to share her story of what is possible through faith and relentless commitment to “be the change you want to see”—one of her guiding principles.

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