Performance Enhancement
Personal Coaching
Sharpen your mental game by  learning how to enhance your focus, committment, confidence, and adaptability.  We use evidence-based instruments and proven techniques to help you perform your best when it matters most.
When was the last time you were intentional about focusing on...yourself?  Make those changes you have been planning for years; set goals and follow through, or manage significant life, family, or job transitions.  A coach will provide transparency, support, accountability, perspective, and objectivity as you work toward YOUR agenda and your transformation.
Although most relationships begin as fairy tales, many run into tough times along the way. Don't give up.  If you believe your relationship is in trouble, or if you simply want to enhance your connection and recapture the fairy tale, we want to help.  
Vicarious Trauma/
Compassion Fatigue
Stress &Trauma
Psychological Services
We specialize in helping you to manage stress and the detrimental effects it can have on your life.  We also bring a wealth of experience in treating the most severe trauma-related cases with an evidence-based and personal approach.  You can improve more than you believe, sooner than you might expect.
Make today the last day you struggle alone.  We offer a full array of evidence-based assessment and therapeutic services to adult clients.  Appropriate referrals will be made to prescribing providers for psychiatric medication management when necessary. 
If you are committed to caring for those who are suffering, you might find it increasingly difficult to cope with routine events in your own life. If you think you are struggling, or if loved ones have noticed a change, we can help.

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