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We focus on the development of your strategic leaders and key personnel to maximize organization-wide impact.  We believe a leader's ability to tap into shared values and foster a culture of
CONNECTION sets the stage for leveraging the collective talents of each member to achieve results they could never achieve individually.  

​​We believe that a unified team leverages the strengths of all its members, providing MOVEMENT
toward goals and progress toward a common vision.  We provide tools that help get leaders and their organizations 
move, build momentum and get results.

With Connection and Movement comes GROWTH--growth of an organization and the professionals it employs.  Catalyst is committed to partnering with you on your journey toward developing more effective leaders, cultivating a thriving workforce,  and achieving your goals.  

Leadership Development                     Executive Coaching                     Optimizing Performance                    Veteran to Corporate Transition

Wendy is a Leadership Consultant, Educator, Executive Coach, Author, and retired Army Nurse. A seasoned expert leader, she is committed to mentoring and coaching aspiring leaders and high potentials. She has a passion for inspiring and empowering Women.
Mike is a Leadership Consultant, Trainer, Coach, and retired Army Psychologist.  His extensive experience in leadership and human performance is  coupled with a particular passion for helping leaders to drive meaningful change  and create unified culture.​

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Leader Development—Take your leadership from good to GREAT! Develop star players and build dynamic teams through deeper learning in areas including effective communication, trust, tough conversations, authentic relationships, and more!

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Executive Coaching—Tackle audacious goals, establish winning habits, and conquer tough challenges with a Certified Executive Coach who will partner with you as you become the leader  you were meant to be.
Optimizing Performance—Respond in high pressure situations like an all-star! We can help your leaders and teams be their best when the stakes are highest!
Veteran to Corporate Transition—Veterans are great for your business!  Advanced training, calm under pressure, advanced team-building skills, high commitment and more.  We help leaders identify the value Veterans bring to organizations, and we help Veterans understand the value they bring to their new teams!

Our Beliefs

At Catalyst, we believe that great leadership is the single, ​most important factor affecting the direction, climate, and success of organizations.
Always has been...always will be.

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